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Radio Broadcasting is Confusing

Before reading Wikipedia articles I knew nothing at all about radio broadcasting. Two days and hundreds of links later I can confidently say that I now know even less than I did when I first started out.

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All Romance eBooks Release

And I’ve got Ghosts in the Basement up live on AllRomanceeBooks! I think that’s as far as I’m going to go for publishing my stories. Between Smashwords, Amazon and, I’ve hit a pretty wide area. Giving just enough different selections for readers. Any more than this and I think my head’ll spin right off!

So, now that I have that all figured out. I guess it’s time to actually start spinning out stories of substance to publish.

Amazon Release

Ghosts in the Basement is now available on Amazon! Smashwords is also still available. I won’t be taking either listing down for the forseable future though so that should be no worry to anyone.

That makes things so much easier. Next time I go about this whole business I’ll know to hit up Amazon first because it takes so damn long for books to go live there.

Ma Rue

Now that my stupidity has died down a bit but not for long, I’m working on adding a few story bits to the Freebie page. Just little bits that don’t fit with the stories I have planned or are way, way too short.

First up is a link in with Ghosts in the Basement, learn a bit more about Ma Rue and her sons.

Read the FAQ Thea

And of course I found it now! The second question in the FAQ doesn’t actually forbid the use of Smashword’s ISBN being used outside of their distribution, but it does say it’d be a dick move. Reading comprehension for the win!

Using Smashword’s Free ISBN is a No Go

Well, that was a mistake. Ignorance strikes again.

Ghosts in the Basement went live on Amazon this morning after I published it through KDP sometime yesterday (yes, it took most of a day to get it approved). Problem being that between publishing it and it going live, I found out that it’s not really alright to use the ISBN that Smashwords provided, for free, anywhere else.

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And it’s live!


Ghosts in the Basement is now up and available for download on Smashwords! It’s being released. Give it a look if you’re interested in steamy paranormal scenes between two yummy guys. And keep an eye out for more on fiction on the Rues Inque Paranormal group.

Ghosts in the Basement


Rues Inque is your average mid-American town filled with friendly people and some some problems that are anything but average. When the town’s emergency contact list contains two psychics and a paranormal investigative group it’s a given that “normal” is the last word that can be used to describe this town.

Ted and Shad Rue are two brothers carrying on the family tradition of fixing other people’s paranormal problems. For a small fee, of course. So the call to help out a fraternity experiencing some spooky problems at a local college isn’t anything out of the ordinary for them. At least, not until Shad meets with a cute blond pledge who is strangely reluctant to talk about his ghostly encounter.

I’d like to introduce just a little tidbit about my upcoming short story. Hopefully, to be published soon. Well, as soon as I figure out all the right buttons to press that is! Now lets see if I’ve figured out the right buttons to press here….

Excuse Me

Ah, this is such a headache. Who knew that self-publishing could be so involving? Well, I guess that really should qualify as a “Duh!” sort of question. Anyway. Don’t mind this post here. I’m only trying to see how things will look. Also, getting ready to publish my first short story! But more on that later, dears.