Ghosts in the Basement


Rues Inque is your average mid-American town filled with friendly people and some some problems that are anything but average. When the town’s emergency contact list contains two psychics and a paranormal investigative group it’s a given that “normal” is the last word that can be used to describe this town.

Ted and Shad Rue are two brothers carrying on the family tradition of fixing other people’s paranormal problems. For a small fee, of course. So the call to help out a fraternity experiencing some spooky problems at a local college isn’t anything out of the ordinary for them. At least, not until Shad meets with a cute blond pledge who is strangely reluctant to talk about his ghostly encounter.

I’d like to introduce just a little tidbit about my upcoming short story. Hopefully, to be published soon. Well, as soon as I figure out all the right buttons to press that is! Now lets see if I’ve figured out the right buttons to press here….

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