Using Smashword’s Free ISBN is a No Go

Well, that was a mistake. Ignorance strikes again.

Ghosts in the Basement went live on Amazon this morning after I published it through KDP sometime yesterday (yes, it took most of a day to get it approved). Problem being that between publishing it and it going live, I found out that it’s not really alright to use the ISBN that Smashwords provided, for free, anywhere else.

Which was exactly what I’d done at Amazon. So I had to wait for my story to go live before I could edit it and upload a new version, because Amazon won’t let you edit anything on your work until it’s been approved. Now that I’ve done it, I’m stuck waiting another 12 or more hours for it to go live again.

Makes sense when it was pounded into my head pointed out to me; that ISBN is for use only on the Smashwords edition and that is not what I’m putting up on Amazon. Pretty sure nothing was mentioned about that in any of the information I read at Smashwords, but I could be wrong. By the time I published there my head was spinning form information overload. Hell, even Google didn’t have too many answers for that and I had to really look to get a definite answer.

The more you know and all that I guess. At least I caught it before selling any copies through Amazon.

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