Day 1 of Nook Press Publishing: Utter Failure

Nook Press is the new way to publish through B&N. My experience with the platform is pretty limited, but that might be a good thing for me in the long run.

My first short story has been out for a little over a week now. Smashwords was my first experience with self publishing, and I opted in for Ghosts in the Basement to be distributed to all the sites they work with except Amazon. My story was approved for their catalog within a few days and sent out not long afterwards. My story appears now on all those other sites. All of them except Barnes and Noble.

I’m unsure why that is the case, but for Nameless I decided to try PubIt! and directly release it to B&N. Trying to find the publishing option on the main website itself was a nightmare, I had to specifically Google “B&N publishing” to be taken to a different site which wasn’t PubIt! Nook Press is apparently the new platform that B&N will be using as they phase out PubIt!

So, I signed up. The terms seemed reasonable enough to me. Interfacing was tricky. It says it allows .doc and .docx uploads of manuscripts on the main page. Even says so on the button you click to upload. That however is a total lie. Multiple tries to upload both types of files was met with failure for me. The program simply wouldn’t recognize that anything had been uploaded. There was no error message or failure notice. It simply brought me back to the upload page and informed me I had nothing uploaded.

Frustrating but not the end. I used Calibre to turn my file into an .epub and was finally able to upload the document to Nook Press. Cover, details, and pricing information was very easy and intuitive in comparison. In no time at all I had Nameless up and ready for publishing.

If Nook Press would let me that is.

In order to publish you must sign up for a vendor account. A process that gathers the usual tax information and bank account details. Once submitted the account goes in for review and approval. Simple enough, right?

Yeah, not really.

I’m currently stuck in phone tree hell and mumbling phone operator purgatory with my account. Hours after opening it I received an email saying I needed to call to confirm some information which made my stomach drop. I hate dealing with phone centers, my hearing isn’t that good and I rely a lot on lip movement to understand people. So phone calls are a special sort of hell for me.

To summarize a very frustrating series of calls, I have been informed that I need to add my middle initial to the tax information. Either after my first name or my last name. I’m not sure which as the phone connection for that call was pretty bad on top of the too quickly spoken words. The addition of a middle initial is not something that is indicated on the page itself, so you will make this mistake when signing up for a vendor account.

Now, the fun part.

I can’t go in and edit the tax information to include my initial because my account is still under review. I was assured I only had to add it and click save to be approved, but I can’t even click on the field it needs to be in. Either of them.

So, now I’m faced with either waiting to see if time will let me do it, or dialing back into the phone center hell. Right now I’m leaning towards the first option.

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