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Dark Temptations 1: Lust Bomb


Dark Temptations is a series of short stories dealing with lust. Dark, obsessive, helpless, unending. All different aspects that deal with it and the delicious fallout of it.

Witches are the hardest bounty to collect on, and Blake doesn’t take those marks lightly. His idiot partner, on the other hand, could learn a little more caution when it comes to them. Too bad Aaron didn’t learn before a witch threw a lust bomb –a potion that robs a man of any thought but lust– at the two of them, and left them to deal with the fallout on their own.



A note to myself: it is always wise to periodically go back and check the links of ebooks up at different sites. You know, just to make sure that everything is perfectly fine? That one book isn’t just a cover and title with no description or excerpt. Little, tiny things that you were sure were perfectly fine when you uploaded the files, but seem to have been misplaced after you exited the web site. Is it any wonder you only sold one copy when there was nothing to tell the readers what it was about?

So, yeah. I’m going to be super paranoid about that from now on. On the upside, it will cut down on my obsessive tracking of number reports.