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Taking down the short stories I published before starting with the School Tales. The experiment with it has been pretty unmistakable. They’d all do better as a short story collection, and published as one book. I’m working on that now, and have three shorts to add to it. I’d like at least four before I publish the collection. That way it’s not someone buying mostly stories they may or may not have already bought. We’ll see how long that goes. I tend to slack off when it comes to writing too much on just one theme.

The Long Term Solution

“Your house is haunted,” are Carl’s first words when Jay asks him for his opinion. “Spectacularly haunted,” are his second words, and everything after that is just evidence pointing out why his opening statement is correct.


Jay’s first house is big, has heating and air, and a water heater he would happily trade his soul for. Most importantly though, it’s affordable. So what if it is a little bit haunted? Jay can think of worse things for a house to have than a good looking ghost who seems to like hanging out in his bed.



A note to myself: it is always wise to periodically go back and check the links of ebooks up at different sites. You know, just to make sure that everything is perfectly fine? That one book isn’t just a cover and title with no description or excerpt. Little, tiny things that you were sure were perfectly fine when you uploaded the files, but seem to have been misplaced after you exited the web site. Is it any wonder you only sold one copy when there was nothing to tell the readers what it was about?

So, yeah. I’m going to be super paranoid about that from now on. On the upside, it will cut down on my obsessive tracking of number reports.

Shutter Click

Cain Jones is a good photographer. He’s been on both sides of the camera for enough years to know all the tricks to make a shoot as painless as possible for both his models and himself. Pity he can’t use those tricks to stop one particular man who likes to follow him around too much. Even after an accident causes Cain to lose his left arm below the elbow the arrogant Abe Benner still wants to get closer to him, and isn’t letting go of his suit.

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And the perils of only being able to write in my free time is the long, extended periods of inactivity where I am doing nothing but making money to eat. Just a quick post to pop in and say I’m alive, and still writing.

A Lack of Privacy

Josiah Allen has been many things in his life, and has done things that he can’t even talk about without violating a plethora of confidentiality agreements. It’s all part of being tied up in covert missions and operations that most people in the world would call spy work.

He’s used to a certain lack of privacy in his line of work. It’s inevitable and just another thing that the new recruits he’s going to be training need to learn to deal with. It’s not an easy task, and there’s a lot of adjustment to go through. For most recruits it’s not an easy one to make.

Dean Rankin just doesn’t happen to be like most recruit though, and Joe finds himself being treated to quite the show by the handsome recruit one night when reviewing files.

Home Again

It’s great getting away for a bit to see family, but the best part is always the end when you get to come home. I’ve had some story ideas scratching the back of my mind and it’s awkward typing it all out on the phone. So, I’m happy to see my computer again. Just need to unpack and clean and get food first.

Summer/Winter Sale at Smashwords

Ghosts in the Basement has been entered into Smashword’s summer promotion! So, when you purchase it through their site you can enter the promo code SSW25 for a discount. This offer is only valid at Smashwords and will end July 31, 2013.

Day 1 of Nook Press Publishing: Utter Failure

Nook Press is the new way to publish through B&N. My experience with the platform is pretty limited, but that might be a good thing for me in the long run.

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Amazon Release

And there goes Amazon!

They’ve been pretty reliable with their twelve hour review time for first time publishing. Something like six hours for edits to be reviewed and approved. Not bad all things considered. Though I really do wish you had the option of editing as submission while its waiting to be reviewed. Nothing sucks worse than finding out you accidentally uploaded the wrong version and you can’t touch the thing for twelve hours to fix it.

Nameless Release


Tired and overworked, all Neal wants to do is pass along the details of his latest job to a foreign spy so that he can get some well deserved rest before the next coup needs to be quelled. It’s a plan doomed to failure as the intense man he meets up with takes an odd interest in Neal himself.

Ugliest cover or what? Surprisingly hard to find stock to use for this one.

Spies set in a post apocalyptic world. There will definitely be more from this world as soon as my head stops pounding so much. Anyway, now released on Smashwords and All Romance eBooks! Amazon and B&N release to come after, like Neal, I’ve gotten some sleep.