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Reading ARe’s Symbols

One of the places I publish is at All Romance eBooks. A nice little site for all different kinds of romance. Seriously, this is one of the best places for me right now. I consistently do a lot better there than I do anywhere else. Good as I do there, I’m still a little behind in how the site is organized and what all those little things on book pages really mean. I have yet to find a FAQ explaining any of it, but that’s not saying much. It’s rather easy for me to get distracted when on a website filled with a bunch of books.

Recently, I think I may have actually found out what two of them mean. Maybe. I hope.

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Day nth of Nook Press Publishing: White Flag

So, I was going to do this update before my trip, but decided I’d rather wait a bit more to see what’s happening. Long story short? I’m not publishing directly through B&N.

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Read the FAQ Thea

And of course I found it now! The second question in the FAQ doesn’t actually forbid the use of Smashword’s ISBN being used outside of their distribution, but it does say it’d be a dick move. Reading comprehension for the win!

Using Smashword’s Free ISBN is a No Go

Well, that was a mistake. Ignorance strikes again.

Ghosts in the Basement went live on Amazon this morning after I published it through KDP sometime yesterday (yes, it took most of a day to get it approved). Problem being that between publishing it and it going live, I found out that it’s not really alright to use the ISBN that Smashwords provided, for free, anywhere else.

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