Monthly Archives: April 2014

And the perils of only being able to write in my free time is the long, extended periods of inactivity where I am doing nothing but making money to eat. Just a quick post to pop in and say I’m alive, and still writing.

A Lack of Privacy

Josiah Allen has been many things in his life, and has done things that he can’t even talk about without violating a plethora of confidentiality agreements. It’s all part of being tied up in covert missions and operations that most people in the world would call spy work.

He’s used to a certain lack of privacy in his line of work. It’s inevitable and just another thing that the new recruits he’s going to be training need to learn to deal with. It’s not an easy task, and there’s a lot of adjustment to go through. For most recruits it’s not an easy one to make.

Dean Rankin just doesn’t happen to be like most recruit though, and Joe finds himself being treated to quite the show by the handsome recruit one night when reviewing files.