Reading ARe’s Symbols

One of the places I publish is at All Romance eBooks. A nice little site for all different kinds of romance. Seriously, this is one of the best places for me right now. I consistently do a lot better there than I do anywhere else. Good as I do there, I’m still a little behind in how the site is organized and what all those little things on book pages really mean. I have yet to find a FAQ explaining any of it, but that’s not saying much. It’s rather easy for me to get distracted when on a website filled with a bunch of books.

Recently, I think I may have actually found out what two of them mean. Maybe. I hope.


Here’s one of my latest ebooks, Cliches Need Not Apply. You’ll notice a crown in a circle next to the price, and a grey star floating in space to the right of the heat indicator. These two symbols have always confused the hell out of me.


Better picture which clearly shows why I write instead of design.

The crown symbol in the red box shows up on the search page too. This is ARe’s way of showing people that the book is on sale. Right now, all of my books are being discounted 30% for Labor Day weekend. When it comes off the sale the crown indicator will go away.

The gray star in a white circle is a little bit unclear. As far as I can tell it’s used to indicate a best seller. Cliches Need Not Apply is my current best seller and can still be found on page one of romantic comedies. So that is not much of a surprise to me.

What is a head scratcher is that I have two other books with this marker that have not sold so well, and don’t even show up on the first five pages of their category. Even when you search by best seller. I wonder if the books attained the best seller rank when I first released them, and thus will always keep the star. I’m still not too sure about the best seller star, but this is a lot more than I ever knew yesterday!

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